The Scandalli Accordion

Scandalli is just one of the most distinguished Italian brands of genuine accordions. The business is particularly popular for its piano and button accordions that feature impressive styles, with a fantastic quality noise.

As its tale suggest, the Scandalli business saw its light when Silvio Scandalli began to produce accordions in 1900 with the help of his family members. The tiny firm was developed in a couple of years between 1915 and 1921, out of a small workshop, as well as it remained in 1941 that the company used more than 700 employees of real accordions. The Scandalli accordions ended up being prominent in the United States after completion of the Second World War and also ever since, their manufacturing facility was among the most respected as well as renowned accordion manufacturing facilities on the planet. Beginning with here, the Scandalli accordion brand after that became associated with quality in addition to a bench mark for other musical instruments.

The initial widely well-known Scandalli accordion design is the Scandalli Super VI. According to certain sources, this accordion version was developed in the very early 1950’s. That time, Silvio Scandalli commences an ambitious project by using the company’s finest service technicians, which the Super VI was generated. This design has actually long been considered as the instrument with unmatched top quality which in a brief space of time ends up being the desire for all fantastic accordion players. The Scandalli Super VI stayed unparalleled align to nowadays, and also lots of accordionists considered it as a tool born from the passion of an ingenious craftsmen.

The Scandalli Accordions is currently a company well-known for its fantastic piano as well as switch accordions. The Scandalli Accordions currently, with the pressures of Paolo Soprani and SEM, generates and also covers the vast variety of accordion household.

The Scandalli accordions brand name, due to its enduring appeal, is now an icon for many. Its fantastic credibility was even escalated with the recognized history of advancement, status, and high quality that Scandalli has long been maintaining. Similar to the various other accordion suppliers, Scandalli firmly holds its own objective, which remains the like it constantly was, that is, to give accordions and also other musical tools of the highest possible standard and uncompromising top quality.

As its story recommend, the Scandalli firm saw its light when Silvio Scandalli began to generate accordions in 1900 with the help of his family. The Scandalli accordions came to be preferred in the United States after the end of the Second World War and also since after that, their manufacturing facility was amongst the most famous as well as prestigious accordion manufacturing facilities in the globe. The very first commonly well-known Scandalli accordion design is the Scandalli Super VI. Simply like the various other accordion makers, Scandalli strongly holds its own goal, which stays the exact same as it always was, that is, to supply accordions as well as various other music instruments of the highest possible criterion as well as uncompromising top quality.

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