What Is a Search Engine in ( SEO )?

SEO ย่อมาจาก Search Engine Optimization สังเกตุว่าคำแรก มีคำว่า Search Engine  ดังนั้น เราก็ต้องมาดูกันถึงรากศัพท์ก่อนว่า ที่เราเรียกกันว่า  Search Engine นั้นมีความหมายที่แท้จริงคืออะไร
                             What Is a Search Engine?1
Okay, thus you recognize the fundamental idea of a search engine. type A word or phrase into a and click a button. Wait a number of seconds, and references to thousands (or many thousands) of appear. Then all you’ve got to try to to is click through those pages to seek out what you wisht precisely may be a program, on the far side this general idea of “seek and yes little difficult. On the rear finish, a search engine may be a piece of code that runs to gather data concerning web content.

 The data collected is typically key

                             The data collected is typically key what area unit attainable indicators of what’s contained on the net page as a full, the page, the code that creates up the page, and links into and out of the page. That data is then indexed and keep in an exceedingly info. the face, the code encompasses a program wherever users enter a look term phrase – in an endeavor to seek out specific data. once the user clicks a look button, an algorithm then examines the data keep within the back-end info and retrieves links to web pages that seem to match the search term the user entered.

 The process of assembling data concerning

                               The process of assembling data concerning web content is performed by associate degree agent referred to as a spider, or robot. The crawler virtually appearance at each address on the net, and collects key wases on every page, that area unit then enclosed within the info that powers a ocean sidering that the quantity of websites on the net went over one hundred million some tiing by quite one.5 million sites monthly, that is like your brain cataloging
google word you browse, in order that once you ought to recognize one thing, you’re thinking that of that every relevance it involves mind.
In a word
.. . .overwhelming
4 seo tips

What is a Search Engine? 2 • Software that enables users to search the Internet or Intranet using keywords.
• A program that acts as a catalogue for the Internet or Intranet.
• A web search tool that automatically visits websites (using crawlers), records and indexes them within its
database, and generates results based on a user’s search criteria.
Popular Search Engines

“Organic Search Engine Optimization is that the act of modifying a web site to extend its ranking in organic (vs paid), crawler-based listings of search engines

what Search Engine Optimization is? 3

“Organic search engine optimization is that the act of modifying a web site to extend its ranking in organic (vs paid), crawler-based listings of search engines

What’s “Ranking” in Search Engine Optimization?4

search engine optimisation, that solely suggests that creating the net pages a lot of inclined to urge hierarchic on a look engine optimisation. however allow us to be fair: now, that simply suggests that Google business.

And simply however specifically will this work? allow us to break it down.
In website’s seo, ranking identifies a content’s position on the computer programme results
pages (SERPs).

Associate in Nursing #1 ranking signifies once people explore for a particular term.
Your website is that the initial result (besides encouraging outcomes, enclosed snip-
pets, and response boxes, that we’ll discuss later during this manual).

SEO ranking

How does  Google Search Rankings Function?

When of us would like to search out recommendation, they kind or state words related to what
they’re checking out. These area unit referred to as keywords, and that we area unit attending to examine
these from the article improvement section of the manual.
But maintaining your web site ranking on Google isn’t on the subject of creating the
most from competitive key phrases. it’s additionally regarding the standard of recommendation.

Once there are key metrics, Google-based search quality ratings
The content of each page, it evaluates the following factors:
• the destination of the web page
• Content quantity and quality
• Site data and recommendations about content creators
• Site ranking and content creator ranking
• User interaction with the site (time on site, bounce rate, etc.)
• Feats, Authority, and Attributes (E-A-T)

After a while, we tend to make the unit focus more on analyzing the last (E-A-T).
Details become very necessary.
It can be said that each variable ranks higher than Google’s
Algorithms and help determine SEO rankings.
Based on the previous tip, Google will show searchers
Very necessary high-quality results related to what they are examining. That
The most suitable area unit is shown at the beginning and the rest are shown one by one

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