Seo – Can A Blog Based On Personality Be Good Seo?

There are very few people on earth who can get away with writing a blog that is based solely on their personality. Usually the individuals who can get away with this have some sort of reputation that precedes them such as a famous lobbyist, actor, columnist, author or humorist. Blogs that cover too many subjects or whose posts wander all over the place are not as friendly to the big search engine spiders.

As personality based blogs are not really guaranteed in terms of SEO, unless your own name is already highly ranked in the search engines you need to choose a theme for your business blog. If your name brings up zero references when you Google yourself then you are not likely to be a good candidate to write a blog.

Sticking to one theme for a blog is called niche marketing. Remember that a theme can also include different topics. For instance a blog that has a gardening theme could have articles on fountains, growing tomatoes and lawn furniture. The trick is to choose a theme that is broad enough to encompass what you want to sell but not so large that you attract everyone on the web to your site.

Although attracting large numbers of people to your site sounds like a good idea you have to remember that these visitors are more likely to be just surfers and not what internet marketers call targeted traffic. Targeted traffic refers to individuals who are interested enough in your theme to actually point and click and by. Untargeted window shoppers do nothing but strain the capacity of your domain and may even leave unwanted comments on your blogs. Perhaps the Kings of unwanted responses on are those Nigerian scam artists. Usually they are soiling a blog with their spam within days of anyone mounting a blog anywhere on the Internet.

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