Seo – Bum Marketing And Article Directories

Bum marketing is a way of using articles, either your own or those you have purchased, as platforms into which you will embed affiliate links. The best article sites to submit articles on to use for this purpose are, and, which are all include massive article directory sites and are at the top of the Google search engine rankings.

One of the goals of doing this is to get your affiliate links on Google’s first page. This is done by choosing keywords that are not popular so that you do not attract window shoppers and untargeted traffic. These do not have to be great articles. They just have to be accurate and have the right search engine tools.

These ezine and article directories also prefer submitted articles that are more specialized than usual. For instance an article entitled “How to teach your budgie to talk” would probably have more sales than one entitled “Caring for a budget.” This is because there is too much competition for general words like budgie and care (words that will get you buried deep in the search engine.) So before you submit an article take the time to find that “niche that will make you rich!”

One of the most popular places to submit SEO articles is This site is perfect for a new person to Internet marketing that does not have a website because GoArticles allows you to link directly to the merchant website and make your commission that way.

Yet another lucrative place to submit your SEO material is EzineArticles. This is a very popular and powerful site. EzineArticles will get you listed on the first page of search engines with up to 10,000 (ten thousand) competing results. The drawbacks are you need to write a half decent article as a real person reviews them before they published.

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