Black Hat SEO: Taking The Shorter Route To Online Success

Higher search engine ranking is not achieved overnight. It takes considerable efforts and time to finally get a website to the top of search engine results. One of the most effective ways to help a website establish successful online presence and ranking is search engine optimisation or SEO.

Search engine optimisation; however, takes time to achieve results. Some web marketers are not open to the idea of waiting for months to achieve the search engine ranking they are aiming for. This is the reason why some of them decide to take the shorter route to high search engine ranking. They do this by using black hat SEO techniques.

Black Hat Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

Some websites copy content from other websites. The search engines are always in the look out for quality content. But writing content can be so laborious and some web marketers don’t want to go through this task. So instead of writing their own content, they just copy from other successful websites. This is a trick that triggers the red flag from the search engines. Oftentimes, it results to search engine penalty.

Another major factor that the search engines are looking for is keyword. A website that is highly optimised for a particular keyword will rank high on the search engines every time that keyword is searched for. Some web marketers want to get the short cut top ranking by using keywords excessively on the website’s pages. The trick is using invisible keywords (they use the same colour for the keywords’ font and the page’s background) so that the keywords will not be visible to the site visitors. Just like duplicate content, this trick is meant to do more harm than good to the website.

Search engine marketing resources never fail to mention about the importance of links. Truly, links play a crucial role in the online success of a website. A website with the most number of quality links ranks top on the search engine results.

Some web marketers participate in link farms or other link exchange programs to inflate their website’s incoming links. The fact is that the search engines are not only after the quantity of the links, they are after quality as well. Links from low quality websites don’t matter much. And worst, if the search engines found out about the “linking trick”, they will penalise the website.

Just like anything else, there is no shortcut way to online success. Top search engine ranking achieved through acceptable search engine optimisation strategies has long term benefits. Black hat SEO techniques will only give short term results and worst it can get a website banned on the search engines.

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